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Green Raisins - Nitrogen Packed - 250g

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Raisins are commonly used:

  • as a salad topping
  • mixed into oatmeal
  • in yogurt
  • in granola or cereal

You also may have eaten them baked into delicious cookies, breads, and muffins. Despite their small size, raisins are packed with energy and rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

The nutrition of raisins

There are several factors to consider about the nutritional benefits of raisins. Read on for a breakdown of what raisins have to offer, both good and bad, to determine if the benefits outweigh any risks.

Sugar and calories

One-half cup of raisins has about 216 calories and 42 grams of sugar. For reference, a 12-ounce can of soda has about 150 calories and 33 grams of sugar, depending on the brand. For this reason, raisins aren’t exactly a low-calorie, or low-sugar treat. It’s no wonder they are sometimes referred to as “nature’s candy.”

High amounts of sugar and calories are pretty typical of dried fruit, which is why keeping an eye on how many raisins you are eating in one sitting is key. Raisins are often sold in small, single serving boxes, each containing roughly 100 calories. If you have problems with portion control, try purchasing these prepackaged raisins to keep your intake in check.

For endurance athletes, raisins are a great alternative for expensive sports chews and gels. They offer a quick source of much-needed carbohydrates and can help improve your performance.

A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that raisins were just as effective as a brand of sports jelly beans in improving performance for athletes engaging in moderate- to high-intensity endurance exercise.


One-half cup of raisins will give you 2.7 grams of fiber, or roughly 6 to 12 percent of your daily needs, depending on your age and gender. 


Raisins are a good source of iron. One-half cup of raisins contains 1.4 milligrams of iron. That’s about 7 percent of the recommended daily amount for most adult females, and 17 percent for adult men.

Calcium and boron

Raisins have about 36 milligrams of calcium per 1/2-cup serving. This translates to about 5 percent of your daily needs. 

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